ruminations on neet life

So this is more a reflection on a lifestyle that isn’t fully true. While I am not in training and just got laid off, I’m finishing up university with a final general education class. Took 50 classes, a whole extra year condensed into six classes a semester, and I didn’t take a science course. And I’ve got one more paper to write till I get a meaningful piece of paper that vindicates, at least marginally, that I’m smart. Yet, as far as I’m concerned, I’m living the NEET life. I got two down, at least. I haven’t cleaned my dishes in a month.

This lifestyle is sort of paradoxical. I go to bed when the birds sing and the late may heat starts to make my ass sweat. In the morning I wish for nothing more than some bird shot. Something to get those noisy fuckers out of my life. The 4 A.M. to early afternoon cycle. You know it. You see the sun rise, you wake up at 2 P.M. after sleeping through five different alarms on two clocks. I mean, for fuck’s sake, sometimes I put my phone on my chest so the radiation can melt my heart and maybe wake me up. I sleep through it, always.

I play video games till the early hours of the morning, incessant intervals of game after game. It’s useless, and I put off all this last bit of work till the last moment. I’m writing this as I have five assignments due on natural disasters. I won’t ever use this shit. I need it to graduate. But as of now that’s my only objective. I got laid off. I have nothing better to do than shitpost and get 6 dollar menu cheeseburgers for $6.36, sales tax included. This isn’t the lifestyle I wanna live. It’s great when you work 60 hours a week, but right now it’s hell.

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